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1. Your pre-consultation, photoshoot, tulle skirts, flower crowns, and all else that glitters (and your image reveal after everything is finished) is $350.00 - this does not include images


2. Once you have been made to feel your very most gorgeous and we have captured your 3 pre-designed looks I will get to work editing your images to perfection. No stray hairs or red marks and any areas you would like slimmed or otherwise will be made perfect.


3. After all the best images are edited you will come back to my studio for your image reveal. All of your finished images will be printed for you to hold and fawn over. At that point you choose from 1 of 3 folio packages or choose to purchase your prints a-la-cart. Those images are purchased in addition to your shoot fee and wall prints start at $150/each, for each print purchased you will be provided with the digital free of charge. My folio packages are the best value, come in 2 stylish options, and are priced as follows:


- 6 matted or mounted images: $750.00 ($150.00 savings!)

- 12 matted or mounted images: $1200.00 ($600.00 savings!!)

- 24 matted or mounted images: $2000.00 ($1600.00 savings!!!!!)


Each package comes with a complimentary folio box to hold your images. You are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase a package, you can purchase 1 wall print if that is all you want.

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