Hi! I'm Lindsey, of Lindsey Snavely Photography. 

I'm a thirty-something, horse loving, glamour-obsessed, photographer who says "Ya'll" way more than any self-respecting northerner should. I am originally from New England, as a Virginia transplant my Mass accent still makes an appearance here and there but my sports loyalties remain in-tact (Go Sox!). I live on coffee, wine, and sarcasm. I went to school for Graphic Design and I still doodle all the time. I started really getting into photography when I had my son and it ultimately led to me obsessively learning everything I could about my entry-level DSLR and going into business. I started shooting families, my love for the family unit - whatever that looks like - and how profoundly impactful it can be for children to have portraits taken and displayed of their family is something I remain passionate about.

I absolutely love creating with my clients, whether you know exactly what you want or you just love my style  - from soft and dreamy, romantic, minimalist, fashion, corporate, dramatic, dark, bold, just a classic family portrait  or something theatrical and avant garde - we can work together to make magic! I find inspiration in life, art, music, fashion magazines, and nature. 

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