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Why Invest In Professional Portraits?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021


I was recently chatting with a friend about what I do and how much I LOVE creating portraits. This person doesn't like having their picture taken, I knew that, so I wasn't surprised at what they said next - "I just don't get why anyone would spend all that money on pictures". So I thought I would wax poetic for a minute and explain just why SHOULD anyone spend ALL THAT MONEY on "pictures".

First, they are MORE than just "pictures".

Portraits are memories. They are a celebration of time, or accomplishment, or love. Pictures take a moment in time and freeze it forever.

And not the kind that sit on a thumb drive never to grace the walls of your home or office. Not the cell phone snaps that get posted to IG and facebook. NOT the kind that sit on your backup hard drive in their folder by year that you don't have time to organize or print.

It is awesome to share memories instantly with friends and family online, stay connected, and even gush over a new hair color with a selfie or two... we're not talking about your selfies. We are talking about your legacy. We are talking about the family portrait that you'll cling to when they leave for college, the image of you and your sweetheart that will be displayed at your 50th wedding anniversary, and the one they will go looking for of you in that beautiful dress when they want to remember the smell of your perfume or that song you sang them to sleep with.

THAT is where the value is, THAT is why you should spend "all that money on pictures"

And there's even more to it than that... let me break it down for you.

Family Portraits:

You can't capture a family portrait with YOU in it from your cell phone and even if you could (tripods, or... the dreaded selfie stick - can you say unflattering angles?) you're kids can't see it on your Facebook wall. So much of a child's sense of self is derived from the home. And that's huge! They develop their understanding of what "family" means, what it means to be loved and accepted for who you are.

In a world full of mean girls and peer pressure, they have that sense of self to guide them through difficult adolescent situations.

As adults we understand that the things we value are the things we spend our money on.

If you love to travel and experience new cultures, I bet you spend some money on vacations. If you really love sports I would guess you probably buy tickets to see your favorite team. We spend money on the things we love and the things we spend money on, we value more.

When you invest in family portraits you put value on the family, no matter what that family looks like, hanging those portraits on the wall shows your children that your family unit is beautiful and important.

They can't see the 8 cat videos you posted to Facebook this morning, but when they walk down the stairs past the wall of frames they see that they are loved by the people who make up that family. That is HUGE, that right there, is bigger than any amount of money. And teaching kids that traditional doesn't mean perfect and different is just as beautiful is another great reason to invest in family portraits. A divorced or re-married family, a grandparent raising grandkids, two moms or two dads; whatever village is raising that child, family portraits can show them that whatever "family" is to them - is beautiful and important.

Individual Portraits:

I can't think of a better thing to do for yourself, man or woman. Seriously, do it now.

We are literally flooded with imagery that makes us feel less than every single day. If only I could lose 20 pounds, if only I had her hair or his muscle definition, I'll never look like that and therefore I am not worthy. Worthy of love, of other peoples time, of taking up space, of the things that we want in life. It's a load of crap (excuse my french) and it's ALL IN YOUR HEAD! You ARE worthy, now, exactly how you are. You are beautiful, you are unique, you are special! It's not just saying it, it's believing it, it's living your life from a place of self worth and giving yourself the love YOU deserve.

I can show you how beautiful you are, and seeing yourself that way is a game changer. Invest in portraits of you, value yourself, LOVE yourself!!!!

Professional Branding:

This one is a no-brainer. In business, no matter what business that is, you want to put your best foot forward with images that align with the look and feel of your brand. Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition, you can have the same old "headshots" orrrrrrr you can stand out from the crowd with professional branding images that give you an edge and scream "hire me!". Investing in professional images is an investment in your career or business and that is always a good idea.

Whether they are a gift for your family, for yourself, or a valuable tool for your career or business, professional portraits are an investment that's value far outweighs the cost.


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