Mother-Daughter Portrait Experience: Commemorating a Year of Change

Written by Brittany Noelle Wells
Strength through Growth and Transformation

Saturday morning I woke up my daughter Olivia and got her ready for a fun morning - a mother daughter shoot to celebrate this year and moment in our lives. Olivia and I have had a transformative year, in more ways than one. This year has been a new start for me and a year of tremendous growth for both Olivia and I. I wanted to do something special that she and I would have forever, so I called upon friend and photographer Lindsey Snavely for a mother-daughter experience, to have her photograph us. In 2018 I left a very tumultuous and toxic marriage and now upon reflection realize the positive impact it has had on Olivia’s life. She now gets uninterrupted time with me and her father and gets 100% of our attention when she is with either one of us. This shoot marked a year of twists and turns, laughter and sadness, growth and tremendous change. All of this Olivia has blossomed through. When we arrived to Lindsey’s studio Olivia was shy and reserved. It took some time for her to warm up but visiting the horses, petting the dogs, and having a glass of OJ helped her out of her shell; before we knew it, Lindsey and I walked into the studio to find Olivia waiting on set for her shining moment... She was ready to start shooting. I sat down behind her and magic happened. In our matching jeans and black tank tops, Olivia felt powerful, beautiful, and her image on camera exuded that. She was coming up with new poses, making silly facial expressions, all of which were caught on camera and shown back to her. This experience boosted her self confidence during a time of great change. Seeing herself on the back of the camera and having her momma and Lindsey giving her encouragement during the shoot gave her an overall feeling of power.

Olivia is a little “tom boy” but can wear a princess dress like any other 5 year old. I wanted to show how different and unique she is. I wanted to capture that she has the amazing ability to take on various roles depending on the environment and situation she is in. She offers up diversity and exudes confidence and beauty. By the end of the shoot it was Olivia’s turn to get in front of the camera alone and do her thing. I put her in my baggy turtleneck sweater - a total last minute decision. I wanted her to be this little girl, wearing mommy’s sweater to show that she is a product of me and a little “mini me” that will defeat odds, learn from my mistakes , and come out of this experience a bright, shining star.

Now, I get the photos back. I showed her the black and white photo of she and I and her face lit up! She held onto that print and looked at it and smiled. She held onto it for what seemed like an hour. She put it right next to her coloring book and would glance over at it from time to time. This image is a treasure of hers now... that moment in time has been captured and one day when I share our story she will remember this day and this year in time - as the year that changed the trajectory of her life in an extremely positive way. This moment, this year... full of growth and transformation has been captured - celebrated - honored - and now she has something that she can look back on and smile every day. New beginnings...

Be not the slave of your own past... plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep, and swim far, so you shall come back with new self-respect, with new power, and with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lindsey Snavely Photography would like to thank guest blogger Brittany Noelle Wells - Model & Lifestyle Blogger (; - for sharing her experience!

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